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Benefits To Consumers
Nourishing Confidence
Our mission is to punctually satisfy the needs of our customers by delivering in their hands carefully selected the freshest pulses from highest altitude & cleanest soils of America's finest growing region preserving its natural form, pureness and nutrition by securing its storage environment and filling up store shelves with bright colorful exclusive stand-up pouch with full respect for people, and environment.
Top 5 Benefits to Our Consumers
  • 100% Goodness & Healthy Wholesomeness produced from America's cleanest & snow nurtured soil.
  • Easy to Cook since they are pure & natural.
  • Premium Quality graded by USDA Laboratory.
  • Tough & colorful stand-up pouch with Zip-lock seal providing ideal environment for pulses allowing 24 Months Shelf Life.
  • Dedicated Portal
Health & Nutrition
Kids Activities and Downloads
We have a variety of educational activities available for your use. Whether you are a teacher, a day care assistant, or a parent who wants fun and educational activities for your children, you’ve come to the right place! Download the following activities as pdf files:
Crossword Puzzle    Color Poster    Facts & Fun    Word Find    Activity Book    Dinnertime Maze
Comic Books
Need something humorous to get your kids to the end of the day? Or even yourself? These comic books featuring Dan D. Pea, Tase T. Lentil, and Chel C. Chickpea are for you! Download the following pdf files:
Today's Tasty Trivia Challenge   Taste T. Lentil at Bat    Cooking Up A Special Treat
Science Projects
How to Grow Lentil Sprouts
A garden in a jar can give you crisp lentil sprouts for your hamburger or salad in 4 to 5 days. You will need a quart jar with a wide mouth, a square of cheesecloth, a rubber band and a quarter cup of lentils.
  1. Wash quarter cup of lentils in a colander or strainer. Put in a washed wide mouth quart jar. Add 2 cups of lukewarm water. Fasten the cheesecloth over the top with a rubber band. Let stand overnight.
  2. Drain off water. Turn jar upside down until all the water is drained out.
  3. Hold jar on its side. Shake it so that the lentils are scattered along one side of the jar. Lay the jar (on its side) in a dark place like a cupboard or closet. This will give you light-colored sprouts. If you put the jar in a warm and light (but not sunny) spot, the sprouts will grow little green leaves.
  4. Each morning put the jar under the sink faucet and let lukewarm water run into it. Leave the cloth cover on. Stand the jar upside down until every bit of the water is drained out. Shake so that the sprouting lentils lie along one side. Return to the spot you have selected.
  5. Watch it! Every day your little garden will look different. In about 4 days, the sprouts will be about 1 or 1 1/4 inches long and will nearly fill the jar. If you want the sprouts to have little green leaves, put the jar in a sunny window.
  6. Take off the cheesecloth. Put on the jar's cap. Keep in the refrigerator. The sprouts taste best when they are eaten within a week.
Beans for a Healthy Heart
Facts & FAQs
Dietary Guidelines

From soil to shelf, beans can serve as the centerpiece for educational outreach and lesson plans involving agriculture and food production, nutrition and health, food preparation, consumer economics and more.

  • USDA Food Pyramid
  • Fruitsandveggiesmorematters
  • Mealtime
  • Calculate your body mass index
Links and Downloads
12 Key Nutrients Delicious, Nutritious Bean Eat More Beans Banner
Eat More Beans Booklet Eat More Beans! Good Source Chart
Legumes: Mayo Clinic Magic Cooking FactSheet Nutrient Profile of Beans
Power Packed Proteins Powerful Nutrition Cooking The New American Plate
The Powerful Nutrition of Beans (poster)    
Resources for Food Industry
Pulses: The Perfect Food
Healthy to eat, healthy to grow. Nutrition analysis, preparation tips and menu suggestions.
Pulses: The Heart of Healthy Food
Today there's a gastronomical movement that is putting pulses on the American plate to meet growing consumer desires for healthier food that is both adventurous and familiar. This resource includes culinary tips, reasons to use pulses in product innovation, macronutrient content comparison and formulations.
Pulses…Gluten-Free: Give gluten-free flour power
Precooked pulse flours function just like other high-protein flours but typically contribute far more fiber and micronutrients. An economical alternative, they are also non-GMO and low allergen-- significantly less allergenic compared with soy or almond flours.
Baking Guide
Enhance the nutritional profile of baked goods with pulses as ingredients. Highlighting roasted yellow pea flour, pea fiber, pea protein and pea starch with formulations, recipes and nutrition information.
Pea Protein
Using pea protein isolates and concentrates, food scientists are solving many egg-less dilemmas. This latest application expands the use of pea protein which has already found its way into healthy, protein-fortified or gluten-free baked goods, snacks, cereals, pastas, energy bars and beverages.
Pulse Flour
All about the flour from nutritious dry peas, lentils and chickpeas. Formulations and details on pulse flour, pea fiber, pea protein, pea starch, folate and carbohydrates.
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Power of Nutrition
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